About RNA

The RNA is honoured to be the host ANSAR 2018. Over the past 34 years the reunion movement has grown much more in accordance with the dreams and aspirations of its founder Faustina France-Carbonneau. At the same time our homelands have benefited from the positive exposure that reunions provide, and from the good works and financial assistance that have come from nationals abroad.

We are now here because we share a commonality of interests. We all love and hold forever dear, Anguilla, Nevis and St. Kitts. The goal is to enjoy each other's company and reminisce of far off lands. It is occasions and celebrations such as these which continue to bind us together as one, where old friendships are renewed and strenghtened, and new ones developed, where our cultural heritage and sense of pride are preserved.

The committee, along with other members of the RNA , with assistance from other asssociations, have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that this event is a success. We sincerely hope that after this event, each attendee would feel a sense of satisfaction and pride for being part of ANSAR 2018. May God bless and help us all as nationals as we strive for peace and harmony amongst our fellow men...ONE PEOPLE, ONE PURPOSE, WORKING TOGETHER FOR PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY.